Jingle BellsBeyond The WallsFuture Retro Stick FiguresAnimusic is a Famous thing that has 1000,900,56000 Viewers.I Is Computer Animated.

[1]More Bells And Whistles Video

Music that is Fictional Futureistic.Harmonic Voltage and Heavy Light are the Most Popular Songs.Go to Wikipedia For more InformastionWikipedia

Here is a list of Singles and DVDs


1.More Bells and Whistles(1990)

Instruments in order there presented:

1 Xylophone

4 Woodblocks

4 Cowbells

5 Synthitizer Pads

2 Light Tower Cymbals

2 Part Acoustic Drum-Kit(One has a Snare Drum and 8 Toms,The Other has A Bass Drum and a Hi-Hat.)

1 Set of Pan Flutes

1 Circular Xylophone Fountain

3 Church Bells

1 Bwow or Wow Effect

Pink Electric Guitar Laser

2.Beyond the Walls(1995)

Instruments in Order There Presented:

Buble Machene

Gong(With Chinese Writings)



Drum Kit With Five Parts(First with only a pair of Clash Cymbals Second With a Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Third with a Snare and Cowbell,Forth with Only a Single Clash Cymbal,and Fifth with 8 Airplane Drums and a Helicopter Hi-Hat.)

UFO Bass Synths

Sawtooth Synth Lasers

Synth Brass Lasers

Synth Chorus(Brass and treble)


Animusic Special Edition,A Computer Animated Video Album(2006)(Click Here For Animusic Special Edition Preview)(Click Here For Animusic Set Construction Songs)(Animusic Special Features:Solo Cams,Set Construction,Stills,Directors Comentary and,

Pipe Dream(Widescreen),Beyond The Walls and Animusic 2 Sneak Peak(Cathedral Pictures)

1.Furture Retro

Instuments In Order The are Presented:

Three Necked Electric Guitar

A Combination as an:

Two Stringed Bass Guitar

Synth Bass Pluse Ring

Blue Bass Lasers

Pan Flute

3 Stringed Electric Jazz Guitar

4 Stringed Electric Guitar(Overdriven)

Green Power Chord Laser

Purcusion Instruments:Drum Kit,Vibraphone and Gong

Four Lead Red Synth Sawtooth Lasers

Violet Chorus Ring

2.Stick Figures

Instruments in Order thre're Presented

Fretless Hamered Bass Guitar(Known as Mr. Stick)

Purcusion Instruments: a Drum Kit,Slapsticks,Vibraphone,Gong and Triangle

Trumpet and Baritone Horn Tower

Sawtooth Lead Red Synth Laser

3 Stringed Acoustic Guitar

Pan Flutes

Pink Sawtooth Synth Laser (Echo to the Red Laser)

Fretless Double Bass One String is Plucked and One is Bowed

Three One Stringed Violins

3.Aqua Harp

Instruments in Order There Presented:

38 Stringed Harp

Combination of a

38 Stringed Harp

Pan Flutes

Tubular Bells

1 Stringed Cello

1 Stringed Violin

4.Drum Machene(Click Here to Here it Drum Macheine And Here For Drum Machine Set)

Instruments in Order there Presented:

Background Machene Noises


Snare Drum

Bass Kick Drum

Small Crash Cymbal

Cowbell Large Crash Cymbal

Twelve Toms(First Low Pitched Ones Near The Instruments I Wrote Above,Middle Pitched One Above It and Hi Pitched one Above Everything.)


Four Timpani

Four Woodblocks


Agogo Bells

Three Church Bells(From More Bells and Whistles But Golden.)


5.Pipe Dream(Click Here to Here It Pipe Dream)

Double Bass/Bongo Double Instrument

Acoustic Guitar/Bongo Double Instument

Drum Kit

Circular Xylophone Fountain

Tubular Bells

Slide Bar Marimba

6.Acoustic Curves(Click Here to Here ItAcoustic Curves)

Instruments In Order There Presented:

Acoustic Gutar(Strummed)

Acoustic Guitar(Hammered)

Double Bass(Strummed and Hammered)

Drum Kit Including snare Bass Drum Cymbals and Toms


Tubalar Bells(From Pipe Dream Only in a Circle)

7:Harmonic Voltage(Click here to Here It Harmonic Voltage)

Instruments in Order There Presented:

Background Synth Strings

Purple Synth Laser

Red Synth Laser(Was First Pink and Was Red for Some Times but Mostly Red)

Purcusion Including:Synthitized Drums

Green Electric/Bass Guitar/Synth Slide Circles

Green Electric Guitar Laser

Yellow Synth Pulses

Purple Bass Rings from the Mini Tower

CD Bonus Songs:

1.Seventh Alloy(Click Here to Here it Seventh Alloy)


Electric Guitar(8 Strings)


Bass Guitar

Synth Chorus

Synth Sawtooth Lead Laser

Tubular Bells


2.A Slight Delay(Click here to Here It A Slight Delay)


2 Marimbas


Bass Guitar

Percusion With Cowbell and cabasa


Reed Organ

Rock Organ



Electric Guitar

3.The Havester(A.K.A. How to Break a Heart)(Click Here to Here It The Harvester )


2 Cellos

Electric Guitar




Bass Guitar

(This is Just a Guess)Red Sawtooth Lead Laser

Electric Piano

Animusic,A New Computer Animated Video Album(2008)(Click Here for Animusic 2 Preview)(Animusic 2 Bonus features:Stills,Full and Wide)


1.Starship Groove(Click Here to Here to Here it Starship Groove)(Special Features:Solo World Cams)

Instruments in Order They are Presented:

Blue Electric Guitar Chunks

Two Part Drum-Kit

Red Lead Synth

Light Speakers

Yellow Plucked Synth

2.Pogo Sticks(Click Here to Here It Pogo Sticks)(Special Features: Rehersal)

Instruments in order they are presented:

Two Hammered Guitars(One Lead One Backup)

Fretless Hammered Bass Guitar(An Updated Version From Stick Figures:The Bass Now has a Second String and Got Wheels to be like a Pogo Stick and Move)

Robot With Drums

Robot With Cymbals



3.Resonant Chamber(Click here to Here It Resonant Chamber And Here For Resonant Chamber Split View)(Multi Veiw)

8 Stringed Classical Guitar

10 Stringed Auto Harp

2 Stringed Bass Guitar

20 Stringed Double Bass

4 Stringed Tapped Mute Guitar

Two Stinged Ukelele

Three Stringed Lute

4.Cathedral Pictures(Pictures at an Exibition Animusic Style)(Click Here to Watch it Catherdaral PicturesAnd Here To Watch Pictures at an Exibition Promenade and The Old CastleHere for Hut on Fowls Legs(Baba Yaba) and The Great Gate of Kiev(Song))(Special Features:Set Construction)

Instruments in Order They Are Presented:

31 Trumpets

Drum Kit,Piano,Xylophones and Gongs

Pipe Organs

One String Electric Bass


Light Emitting Clarinet

100 Purcussion Xylophone

5 Tubas

Pipe Organ Eprasive Tone

Electric Arc Sound

Light Emitting Flute


5.Pipe Dream 2(Same Instruments from Pipe Dream Only Aged a Bit)(Click here to Watch Pipe Dream 2Click Here To Watch Pipe Dream Set Construction And Here For Pipe Dream 2 Wire,Solid,Shaded)

Instruments in Order They're Presented:

Double Bass/Bongo Double Instrument

Acoustic Guitar/Bongo Double Instrument

Drum Kit

Circular Xylophone Fountain

Tubular Bells

Slide Bar Marimba

6.Fiber Bundles(Click Here to Watch Fiber Bundles)(Special Features:Cam AND Music Breakdown)

Instruments in Order they are Presented:

8 Synths


7.Gyro Drums(Click Here To Watch Gyro Drums)(Special Features:Split Veiw)

Instruments in Order They are Presented:

Drum Kit 1:

Four Snare Drums

Four Bass Drums

Four Hi-Hats

Seven Tom-Toms

Six Bongos

Four Crash Cymbals

Two Ride Cymbals

Splash Cymbal

China Cymbal

Pro Electric Drums(Cealled at First)

Drum Kit 2:

Two Timbales

Eight Hi-Hats

Two Cowbells

Two Woodblocks

Four Bongos

Eight Tom-Toms

Eight Hi-Hats

2 Splash Cymbals

2 Ride Cymbals

Third Drum kit:

Four Gongs

Four Ride Cymbals

Four Bass Drums

52 Tom-Toms

Fourth Drum Kit:

8 Macaras

8 Cabasas

Four Bass Drums

Eight Snare Drums

Four Chrash Cymbals

Four Hi-Hats

171 Drums,Cymbals,ect. In Total

8.Heavy Light(Click Here to Watch Heavy Light )(Special Features:Construction,Close-Ups)

Violet Chourus Synth Lasers

Blue Bass/Synth Laser Beams

Yellow Synth Lasers


Red Synth String Laser Beams

Red Lead Sawtooth Synth Lasers

White Chorus Floodlights

Green Chirp Lasers

Animusic 2 CD Bonus Songs:

1.Harmonic Voltage 2(Sorry!! Even Though This is Popular So Much, No Videos.(Sniff!!!))


Purple Background Synth Strings

7 Synths


Electric Guitar


2.Jingle Bells(NOTE:This is the only Animusic song on the soundtrack that was Animated Althouth they said They Animate the Others on the Soundtrack in The Future.)



ANIMUSIC 3 TO COME..................

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