English horn
The cor anglais (British English and French, UK: /ˌkɔr ˈɑːŋɡleɪ/, US: /ˌkɔr ɒŋˈɡleɪ/, French: [ˌkɔʁ ɑ̃ˈglɛ]), or English horn (American English), is a double-reed woodwind instrument in the oboe family.

The cor anglais is a transposing instrument pitched in F, a perfect fifth lower than the oboe (a C instrument), and is consequently approximately one and a half times the length of the oboe. The fingering and playing technique used for the cor anglais are essentially the same as those of the oboe. Music for the cor anglais is thus written a perfect fifth higher than the instrument actually sounds. Because the cor anglais normally lacks the lowest B-flat of the oboe, its sounding range stretches from the E (written B natural) below middle C to the C two octaves above middle C.

Notable solosEdit

  • Dvorak: Symphony no 9, II

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